If you are genuinely interested in the possibility of owning land or a mountain home at Moose Creek Estates, we invite you to personally experience life in this outdoor recreational paradise.

Visit Moose Creek Estates to discover the extraordinary Western lifestyle that is the heart of these beautiful Idaho mountain properties for sale. 

For more information, please complete the form or call Beth Wilson at (512) 773-1069.
Discover a recreational paradise when you visit Moose Creek Estates Idaho Mountain Properties for Sale
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Experience first-hand what Moose Creek Estate Properties has to offer land owners as you stay in a guest room of the model home / lodge for sale and enjoy fine food and beverage.  It is surprising how many who visit and stay in this fine custom built home / lodge comment that they have never experienced a finer night's sleep.

  • Tour the local area with the Wilsons to experience the "big sky" feeling as you ride along rivers and through majestic mountains seeing wildlife at nearly every turn.  Be amazed at how vast this land is.  Located in Lemhi County which covers 3 million acres of which only 285K acres are private land.  The remainder of the land is public for all to enjoy.

  • Explore Moose Creek Estates beautiful building sites and lifestyle opportunities.

  • Walk or ride along the North Fork River that runs the length of the property.  Experience the majesty of old-growth forests, the sound of the river as it rushes toward the Pacific Ocean and see the wildlife that have the run of the property and the valley.  The Wilson's have set aside the entire river corridor as a greenbelt that can never be developed.

  • See the incredible results of the nearly three million dollars that the Wilson's have invested in environmental / wildlife habitat enhancement.  Species of wildlife that haven't been seen in the area for decades have returned.  Salmon are spawning in the North Fork River.  Beaver have built dams creating a pond over an acre in size and more than five feet deep.  The Columbia Ground Squirrel and the Yellow Marmot is just a couple of species of wildlife that have returned to the eco-system at Moose Creek Estates.  A herd of a couple hundred head of elk come to the area on and around the property to have their calves in the spring and live on and around Moose Creek Estates until deep snow in the winter.

  • Discover the friendly, relaxed lifestyle offered in the surrounding towns which include charming shops, restaurants, golf course and many other amenities.

  • Depending on the time of year, sample the many recreational opportunities available including fishing, hunting, gold panning, 4-wheeling, horseback riding, kayaking, whitewater river rafting, hiking, biking, bird watching, sight-seeing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing and many other outdoor activities.

  • See how easy it is to truly relax here in this setting in the midst of nature at its finest.  With no light pollution, the stars seem to be within arm's reach as you sit on the deck and enjoy a fine beverage and good company after dark.

  • We guarantee no pressure sales.

  • Financing Available

There Is No Better Time To Buy Premier Mountain Real Estate

I have a photo of the Moose Creek Estates gated entry on my desk at work and look at it every day.  I call them the "Gates to Heaven"; they keep me focused as to why I'm working and what I want out of life.  Moose Creek is a beautiful place, maintained by people who truly care about the property as a whole and the surrounding forest.  I only get to my lots once a year, for now, and every time I approach the MCE my blood pressure drops, my spirits rise and I am at peace with myself and my surroundings.  The people I have met in the area over the years are genuine, hard working and honest with a tremendous amount of pride for the area and what Bob has accomplished since returning to the Salmon area.  I especially enjoy the wildlife, the incredible night sky, and the clean fresh air  There is always something to do all year round with hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, four wheeling, and snowmobiles just to name a few.  MCE is within a reasonable drive to shopping and antiquing and there is mail service!  MCE has come a long way from when I first bought the property, it is improving every year, not just to enhance the value of the property but because it is the right thing to do with the community as a whole.  MCE is a jewel surrounded by National Forests; it really is a one of a kind place.
John Valente
North Fork of Salmon River on Idaho mountain properties for sale at MCE
Idaho Snowmobiling on Baldy Mountain near MCE Idaho Mountain properties for sale
North Fork of Salmon River running entire length of Moose Creek Estates property
On top of the world snowmobiling at Baldy Mountain near Moose Creek Estates
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